Trial Form for Runners on Saturday 2 December 2017

Trial Form for Runners on Saturday 2 December 2017

The following runners engaged today at Doomben have recently trialled in the South East Queensland area. Below is an alphabetical listing, summary of the trial together with a comment on their chances today.


Beloso – Race 9

Bimini Road – Race 5

Black Mink – Race 2

Capital Gain – Race 7

Casual Choice – Race 8

Cool Mover – Race 5

Counter Meal – Race 5

Cruze – Race 7

Desert Knight – Race 3

Doubt Defying – Race 9

Heart Of A Warrior – Race 6

Heartbreak Harry – Race 4

I’m A Rippa – Race 9

Initialize – Race 5

Kubis – Race 9

Natural Black – Race 9

Osbeck – Race 3

Parko – Race 3

Phoenix Shadow – Race 3

Repatriate – Race 3

Richard Of York – Race 6

Salmanazar – Race 9

Siegfried – Race 8

Taiko Boom – Race 9

Triple Arrow – Race 7

Veranes – Race 3


Race 2 12.57pm Stanley River Thoroughbreds Ratings Band 0-70 Handicap 1050m.

No.14 Black Mink – (L. Birchley) – 4th (6.9L) 14/11 Doomben 840m Class 2 trial Good (TR 104.5)

Jumped well, settled 3rd fence racing a bit keenly 3 lengths off the lead. Off the inside into the straight no closer though, didn’t pick up any ground however wasn’t asked for a great deal of effort either (wore heavy shoes).


Race 3 1.32pm Twilight Races 8th December 2017 Sizzling Plate 1050m.

No.1 Desert Knight – (Heinrich/Rodgers) – 2nd (0.2L) 31/10 Doomben 1000m 2yo trial Good (TR N/A)

Jumped well in only a three horse field settling 2nd under a good grip off the fence 2 lengths away. Asked to improve before the turn, levelled up straight, livened up 200m in a sprint to the line was just outgunned by the stablemate (Injustice).

No.3 Osbeck – (C. Waller) – 1st (2.3L) 13/11 Gold Coast 900m 2yo trial Good (TR N/A)

Missed the start 2 lengths in only a 4 horse trial however quickly recovered to stalk the leading pair 2 lengths away. Eased to the outside and let go early straight quickly put pay to rivals coasting down to the line.

No.4 Parko – (S. Morrisey) – 2nd (0.1L) 13/11 Gold Coast 1000m 2yo trial Good (TR 97)

Jumped ok, went through soon after to dispute the lead two wide. Joint leader into the straight, asked for an effort 180m quickly let down and dashed looking the goods before bloused by winner who came through along the inside over the closing stages.

No.5 Repatriate – (Heinrich/Rodgers) – 4th (5.6L) 13/11 Gold Coast 1000m 2yo trial Good (TR 95)

Jumped well, landed a clear leader before joined ending up two wide 2nd close up. Trying to level up on the turn however quickly under pressure, found very little fading back out of the placings.

No.12 Veranes – (Wood/Gesler) – 1st (3.5L) 14/11 Doomben 840m 2yo trial Good (TR 96.5)

Jumped ok, beaten for early speed settled 4th only 3 lengths away though. Quickly outside the lead on the turn looked to travel well, urged along 200 took over, opened up nicely late going to the line last 100m under her own steam extending the margin.

No.13e Phoenix Shadow – (Heinrich/Rodgers) – 1st (0.1L) 14/11 Doomb 840m 2yo trial Good (TR 93)

Jumped well, went through to lead very marginally off the fence. 3 wide into the straight still led, challenged solidly held rival narrowly with both far from being pressured at any stage.


Race 4 2.08pm SEQ Ice Cream Benchmark 85 Handicap 1200m.

No.3 Heartbreak Harry – (N. McCall) – Last of 6 (7.4L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Open trial Soft (TR107)

Jumped ok, pushed on towards the lead ending up 3rd caught wide without cover 2 lengths from the lead. Further back to the turn, out to last into the straight and things didn’t improve from then on.

No.5 Counter Meal – (P. Butterworth) – 6th (4.3L) 14/11 Doomben 1000m Open trial Good (TR 99.5)

Jumped well, caught wide pushing on a length off the lead without cover. Outside the leader well before the home turn, trying to get on terms straight, couldn’t do so and whilst being urged along faded last 150m.


Race 5 2.48pm Bobby Clarke Mode Plate 1200m.

No.6 Cool Mover – (Heinrich/Rodgers) – 1st (0.4L) 31/10 Gold Coast 1000m Mdn trial Good (TR 97)

Jumped well wide out, no hope of getting over however stuck to it settling a close up 3 wide 3rd less than a length away. Same into the straight taking over only coasting 200m, headed briefly before regaining the lead late all under no pressure.

No.7 Initialize – (P. Duncan) – 5th (1.9L) 24/10 Sun Coast 850m Class 3 trial Heavy (TR N/A)

Jumped well, no rush parked 3rd fence under a good hold 2 lengths away. Plenty of room to come through into the straight quickly within a length, jock moved off the rail briefly 200m however at no stage did he place any pressure on this one who went to the line with plenty left in the tank.

 No.10 Bimini Road – (R. Heathcote) – 1st (0.2L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Class 2 trial Soft (TR 112)

Jumped well, sent to a clear lead soon after balancing up 3 lengths out in front running along. Still going ok however starting to come back near the turn, length clear 100m held rivals however all were given an easy time.  


Race 6 3.28pm Become A BRC Member Class 5 Handicap 1600m.

No.1 Heart Of A Warrior – (T. Gollan) 1st (0.8L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 107)

Jumped well, led until headed off settling down parked 2nd fence a length off the leader. Railed well into the straight quickly levelled up (with Whypeeo) both leaders coasting, edged clear late with plenty in reserve.

No.3 Richard Of Yorke – (C. Waller) – 3rd (2.3L) 21/11 Deagon 1200m Open trial Soft (TR 102)

Jumped ok in only a field of 4 settling down 2nd off the fence a neat length from the leader. Edging closer to the 600m however dropped back before the turn, cornered 2 lengths away only coasted down to the line holding his position.


Race 7 4.08pm Access Insulation Winning Rupert Plate 1200m.

No.1 Capital Gain – (P. Butterworth) – 4th (2.8L) 14/11 Doomben 1000m Open trial Good (TR 108)

Jumped ok, settled nice and handy splitting the first two a close up 3rd. 2 lengths away into the straight urged along, holding ground ok just peaked late.  

No.8 Triple Arrow – (Heinrich/Rodgers) – 4th (1.6L) 31/10 G Coast 1000m Class 2 trial Good (TR 99)

Jumped well, landed in front, didn’t push on though content to take a trail 3rd off the fence 2 lengths away. Similar into the straight slightly livened up, basically held ground given a fairly easy time of it.  

No.11 Cruze – (B. Lockwood) – 2nd (0.1L) 31/10 Doomben 840m Maiden-Class 1 trial Good (TR 87)

Jumped well off the inside gate settling down a marginal leader holding the fence. Looked to travel well to the turn, challenged straight, challenger urged along this under a hold and could have won easily if asked to.


Race 8 4.48pm SUA George Moore Stakes 1200m.

No.6 Siegfried – (T. Edmonds) – 5th (2.0L) 13/11 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Good (TR 102)

Jumped ok, no rush settled down 4th under a good hold 3 lengths off the lead. Bit keen in the run cornered to the outside, under his own steam held ground in the run to the line.

No.11 Casual Choice – (T. Gollan) – 5th (9.2L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 116)

Jumped ok, no rush from the gate settled 3rd last fence just over 6 lengths from the lead. Pushed along turn 2nd last, urged all the way down the straight couldn’t make any headway.


Race 9 5.27pm Ascot Green Class 3 Plate 1200m.

No.4 I’m A Rippa – (T. Gollan) – 3rd (6.1L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 116)

Jumped ok, quickly on the move rushed up to settle joint leader off the fence. Back to a marginal 2nd soon after, cornered wider out back to 3rd 3 lengths away, faded further under minimal urgings.

No.7 Beloso – (K. Craft) – 6th (3.5L) 13/11 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Good (TR 102)

Jumped ok, going through soon after moved up 2nd outside the leader. Cornered similar, few brief urges near the 200m however couldn’t pick up any ground, faded from then on however wasn’t asked for a great deal of effort overall.

No.9 Doubt Defying – (S. O’Dea) – 3rd (0.7L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Class 2 trial Soft (TR 112)

Jumped well, settled 3rd fence just over 3 lengths from the clear leader who ran them along. Urged approaching the turn, closer straight, didn’t get a lot of room down to the line still closing ground though and looked to have more to offer.

No.10 Natural Black – (L. Birchley) – 6th (5.8L) 14/11 Doomben 1000m Open trial Good (TR 108)

Missed the start 2 lengths and showed no early speed settling a clear last 8 lengths from the lead. Stayed against the fence into the straight under a grip, held ground down to the line without being asked for any effort whatsoever.

No.11 Salmanazar – (T. Gollan) – 3rd (2.3L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 107)

Jumped ok, heading forward soon after settled down a close up fourth off the fence 2 lengths away. Cornered for home to 3rd trying to run on being urged along, couldn’t get to the first couple.

No.13 Kubis – (R. Heathcote) – 1st (3.5L) 21/11 Deagon 1000m Class 2 trial Soft (TR 90.5)

Jumped well, straight to the front led marginally against the fence. Joined soon after, again pinched a break turn, ran 2 lengths clear into the straight just ambling down to the line to win with gas in the tank.

No.17e Taiko Boom – (S. Lee) – 4th (3.3L) 13/11 Gold Coast 1000m Class 2 – 4 trial Good (TR 115)

Missed the start a length no rush to recover settled 2nd last just over 8 lengths off the lead. Picking up ground before the turn, to the outside straight 6 lengths away, kept closing nicely albeit without any threat.

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