Sustainability: Toner & E-Waste Recycling Programs

Friday, 24 July 2020

Brisbane Racing Club's commitment to sustainability continues with two new initiatives from the Club's IT Department.

E-waste and toner recycling programs have been implemented in the BRC offices to divert waste from landfill, reduce our carbon footprint and improve the environment for future generations. 

Used toner cartridges will be collected on site and given to Close The Loop who transform redundant items into useful commodities, such as asphalt. TonerPlas asphalt is an award-winning asphalt additive made from recovered waste printer toner (a high grade polymer) and is the key ingredient in a high performing asphalt that makes roads last longer and require less maintenance than traditional asphalt.

Used e-waste (including old phones, computers and TVs) will be given to the Endeavour Foundation. Endeavour Foundation dismantle over 150 tonnes of e-waste per month and is at the forefront of e-recycling in Australia. Endeavour is an independent, for-purpose organisation with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life. 

This initiative joins a range of activities being undertaken by Club:

Solar panelling on the roof of Racecourse Village Shopping Centre
Food packaging on racedays is palm leaf plates, pine ‘boats’, bamboo cocktail sticks, cardboard bowls, paper bags, corn starch cutlery – now 80% of all food packaging is either compostable or biodegradable
No longer using plastic straws and stirrers
Office staff are collecting bottle lids for charity (Envision Hands – prosthetic limbs)
Food suppliers deliver produce in reusable plastic tubs reducing the amount of waste from packaging and delivery
Water harvesting from Eagle Farm Infield stable roofs
New paper recycle and food scrap bins in Admin Building and Doomben Kitchen 
BRC gardeners are collecting the Kitchen and Admin Office food scraps and composting them in the Doomben infield nursery
Glass crushers on a trial lease