The Brisbane Racing Club upholds the highest of standards to deliver premium racing, events and services. 

Brisbane Racing Club Constitution
Download here (PDF 543.4KB)

Brisbane Racing Club Board Charter and Code of Conduct
Download here (PDF 598.8KB)

Brisbane Racing Club election procedures by-law
Download here (PDF 38.6KB)

Brisbane Racing Club disciplinary procedures
Download here (PDF 26.8KB)

Privacy Policy
Download here (PDF 442.5KB)

Terms and Conditions of Entry on a Raceday
Download here (PDF 328.3KB)
Prohibited Items (PDF 157.1KB)

Terms and Conditions of Sales - Raceday Events
Download here (PDF 299.6KB)

Terms and Conditions of Sales - Other Events
Download here (PDF 80.2KB)

BRC Strategic Plan
Download Here (PDF 1.1MB)

BRC Annual Report 2021
Download Here (PDF 20.8MB)

BRC Annual Report 2020
Download Here (PDF 2.7MB)

BRC Annual Report 2019
Download Here (PDF 3.1MB)

BRC Annual Report 2018
Download Here (PDF 4.1MB)

 BRC Annual Report 2017
Download Here (PDF 5.8MB) 

BRC Annual General Meeting - Minutes of Meeting 2020
Download Here (PDF 212.4KB)

Gender Identity FAQ
Download here (PDF 136.6KB)

Workplace Gender Equality Report 2020 - 2021
Download here (PDF 337KB)

Sustainability Policy
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Contractor Terms & Conditions
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External Contractor COVID-19 Information
Download here  (PDF 831.7KB)