Owning a Thoroughbred Racehorse

From the fun of the occasion to cheering on a roughie, there's something about horse racing that's fundamentally Australian - including the fact that everyone can get involved.

What makes racehorse ownership in Australia so exciting is that champions can come from anywhere, and anyone can own them. And even if your horse isn't a champion, owners will tell you that it makes no difference - it's all about the journey.

One of the greatest myths about racehorse ownership is that it's difficult and expensive to get involved. It's not. And, most importantly, owners come from all walks of life, many with no previous connections to racing.

Owning a racehorse is not confined to multi-millionaires. There are many ways to become involved in racehorse ownership in Queensland and become involved with the industry. The purchase and ongoing costs of a racehorse can be very affordable and the joy you get from being involved in the industry, not just a spectator, is immense.

Thoroughbred ownership is your ticket into the inner-sanctum of the 'Sport of Kings', thanks to the variety of ownership opportunities available. You can own shares in a Thoroughbred and get up-close with icons of the sport; talk tactics, plan racing strategies and help define the career of your own champion.