Syndicate Ticketing

It is the Syndicate Manager’s responsibility to check the entitlements and advise the Racing Department of the names of all Syndicate representatives who will be attending the race meeting and claiming tickets.

The Syndicate Manager must make arrangements prior to 11.00am on the day preceding the race meeting. Please email

Collection and distribution of allocated tickets is the responsibility of the Syndicate Manager. 


Racecourse Admission

Mounting Yard Tickets
(includes Members Reserve Access)

Syndicated owned wholly (up to 20 members)

2 per owner

Please refer to the table on the Owner Ticketing page

Syndicate owned in conjunction with named owners and/or other syndicate/s

Privileges will be allocated as equitably as is practicable taking note of the number of names owners, syndicate members and respective shareholdings. Generally, named owners will receive privileges in accordance with Owners Ticketing. Where the ownership involves multiple syndicates it is likely that the allocation to individual syndicates will not provide complimentary admission, etc to each member. 


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