Fashions on the Field for The Star Stradbroke Season 2024 is presented by AstilleMannzilo, and Artisans Bespoke Jewellers.

Over three days of competition there is prizing valued at more than $25,000 to be won.

On Ladbrokes Derby Day, Seven Oaks Day and The Star Stradbroke Day prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place each day.
Entrants are encouraged to put their most fashionable foot forward with unique, aspirational looks that celebrate The Star Stradbroke Season in style.
Led by the Fashion Queensland team, Fashions on the Field celebrates self-expression through fashion.
This fun, inclusive spectacle of creativity is the perfect way to celebrate the energy of the racing season.



Fashions on the Field 2024 | Derby Day

Embrace bold black and white on Ladbrokes Derby Day, with texture and detail coming in to play through your choice of fabric, silhouette, and accessories.

A chic and elegant monochromatic look head to toe with creative use of textures and patterns will help you make your mark on stage.

The most innovative and well put together interpretations on the black and white theme will see prizes awarded for first, second and third (gender neutral).


Fashions on the Field 2024 | Oaks Day

Soft colour, florals and sophisticated glamour lead the way on Seven Oaks Day. The Day dress code provides the opportunity for colourful combinations and experimentation with pattern and playful flair.

Lean into traditional pastel tones, lace, feathers and anything tending toward the opulent and glamorous.

Prizes for first, second and third (gender neutral) will be awarded to the most stylishly sophisticated entrants.



Fashions on the Field 2024 | Stradbroke Day

The Star Stradbroke Season’s pinnacle Fashions on the Field competition day calls for black and white with a touch of Stradbroke red.

Play with the possibilities within this traditional theme as you accent your monochromatic look with a signature accessory or outfit detail in striking red hues. 

Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place (gender neutral) for the best interpretation of black and white with a touch of red.

Competition Timings

 The Fashions on the Field Registration Desk and Fashion Stage will be outside The Tote, near the Eagle Farm Racecourse Gate 4 entrance off Lancaster Road on each raceday.


Ladbrokes Derby Day

10:00 am    Registrations open

12:20 pm    Registrations close

12:25 pm    Entrants required at the Fashion Stage 

12:30 pm    Fashions on the Field competition commences

 Seven Oaks Day 

 10:00 am     Registrations open

 12:20 pm     Registrations close

 12:25 pm     Entrants required at the Fashion Stage 

12:30 pm     Fashions on the Field competition commences

The Star Stradbroke Day 

9:00 am       Registrations open

 12:20 pm     Registrations close

12:25 pm     Entrants required at the Fashion Stage 

 12:30 pm     Fashions on the Field competition commences 


 Ladbrokes Derby Day Prizes

Derby Day 2024 FoTF prizing

 Seven Oaks Day Prizes 2024 Oaks Day Stradbroke Season FoTF prizing    
 The Star Stradbroke Day Prizes Stradbroke Day 2024 FoTF Prizing   
 Judges and MC

Ladbrokes Derby Day - Channel 7's Liz Cantor (MC) 

Fashion Judges;

Tippah Dwan - The Star Stradbroke Season Ambassador

Viktoria Novak - Milliner

Kathryn Edmonds - Stylist

Seven Oaks Day - Channel 7's Katrina Blowers (MC) 

Fashion Judges;

Sally Astill - Astille Designer

Elizabeth Benson - Stylist

Vera Willimans - Director, Veras

The Star Stradbroke Day - Channel 7's Samantha Heathwood (MC) 

Fashion Judges;

Brandon Mann - Epic Hair Designs Director

Tammy Keers - Artisans Bespoke Jewellers 

Kimberly Gardner - Stylist

 Terms & Conditions

Prizes pool valued at more than $25,000 from Astille, Mannzilo, Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, Brisbane Racing Club, Allport Millinery, Libertine Parfumerie, Veras, Tres Bell Jewellery, Adorne, Maryons, EVA Airways, Mellow Cosmetics, Epic Hair Designs, That Flower Shop and Moet et Chandon. 

Click Here for Terms & Conditions 

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