Our Trainers

Brisbane Racing Club Trainers at Eagle Farm and Doomben are able to utilise the most diverse training options in Australia.

Brisbane Racing Club trainers have a two track facility which allows significant flexibility with training tracks at either Eagle Farm or Doomben Racecourses. The combination of the training tracks at the two venues provides the best training environment in the country. There is also an equine pool infield at Eagle Farm and the nearby Nudgee Beach as additional training tools.

Facilities include:


  • Course Proper (occasional)
  • A Grass
  • American Dirt Track
  • Sand track
  • B Grass
  • Bullring
  • Swimming Pool


  • Course Proper (occasional)
  • A Grass
  • B Grass


  • All tracks including grass plus occasional use of course proper
  • Equine swimming pool
  • Grass jump outs once each fortnight
  • Barrier trials once each other fortnight
  • Dirt jump outs every Thursday
  • Open 7 days per week (Limited tracks on Sundays/PH)


  • On-course stabling is provided at Eagle Farm Racecourse for 480 horses including 440 stables infield in state-of-the-art barns
  • The complex has seven ten-horse walking machines

On-Site Trainers

Trainer Information Stats
Chris Anderson
Anderson Racing
Horses in work: 40
Website: www.andersonracing.com.au
Phone: 0406 536 324
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Barry Baldwin
Barry Baldwin Racing Stables
Horses in work: 15
Website: www.bbracing.com.au
Phone: 0419 758 655
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Danny Bougoure Horses in work: 10
Website: www.danbougoureracing.com.au
Phone: 0416 057 415
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Desleigh Forster
Desleigh Forster Racing
Horses in work: 15
Website: www.desleighforsterracing.com.au
Phone: 0411 871 885
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Tony Gollan
Gollan Racing
Horses in work: 91
Website: www.gollanracing.com.au
Phone: 0409 886 949
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Lindsay Gough Horses in work: 10
Phone: 0411 169 311
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Robert Heathcote
Heathcote Racing
Horses in work: 66
Website: www.robertheathcoteracing.com.au
Phone: 0418 602 433
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Barry Lockwood Horses in work: 14
Phone: 0418 486 405
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Chris Meagher
Meagher Racing
Horses in work: 12
Website: www.meagherracing.com
Phone: 0448 809 889
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Steven O'Dea and Matthew Hoysted
Steven O'Dea Racing
Horses in work: 44
Website: www.stevenodearacing.com.au
Phone: 0405 378 735
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Kelly Schweida
Kelly Schweida Racing
Horses in work: 42
Website: www.kellyschweidaracing.com
Phone: 0417 768 312
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Brian Smith Horses in work: 20
Phone: 0439 818 378
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Chris Munce
Munce Racing
Horses in work: 46
Website: www.munceracing.com.au
Phone: 0418 221 570
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